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Thread: when LG optimus p990 can update to 2.3

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    when LG optimus p990 can update to 2.3

    Hello i am from hong kong My name is shikamaru. Recently I using LG mobile but i have one query want to ask you guys which are related to the LG mobile. When I LG optimus p990 can update to 2.3? Hong Kong LG was guarantee to LG optimus p990 user update 2.3 in June, but the update is not formed by LG providers, they stated the update have several difficulty so update require delayed to October.
    In October Hong Kong LG optimus have not launched any update to us and didn't say something why the update is not available.I commenting to Hong Kong LG optimus on face book, but they didn't answered me anything! I am very irritated now! For the cause that my LG optimus p990 can't update 2.3!!
    Many folks ask similar query in "Hong Knog LG LIKE PAGE".But Hong Knog LG optimus also not respond anybody!!! What going on ? My LG optimus P990 when can update 2.3? Please answer me!

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    Re: when LG optimus p990 can update to 2.3

    I am also waiting for this, I'm from India and I have the LG optimus P999 which is the similar as your cell phone, they at all times have the identical answer, they don't know everything for international cell phones, has soon as they hear somewhat they will let us make out, I will never purchase an LG product ever another time, I'm 40 year old, it's the worst service I ever had from a corporation, they can the entire go to he$$.

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    Re: when LG optimus p990 can update to 2.3

    I am functioning on getting admission to worldwide release information. This site is run and owned by the Division in US of Mobile which is LG, and right now I don't have information other than the phones sold in the US for US transporters... I make out this is annoying, and I'm sorry, I'll observe what I can find out. if you have the LG 2X optimus version canada is the similar as LG p999 g2x in usa. You can go to service center like xda and see how you can update your cell phone.

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    Re: when LG optimus p990 can update to 2.3

    Thatís why i hate LG products. LG optimus p999 still doesnít contain gingerbread in it. But LG complete others cell phones as comparable as the p990 with gingerbread on them and they have the LG UI. i guess LG just doesnít give updates they wish to build others similar cell phones and expect their clientele to purchase them. i think LG wants to give the p990/ p999 drivers to developers which is supported to xda as they are enhanced than LG and force Nvidia to do the similar. if LG doesnít worry about their customers with these 2 cell phones the only fine thing they can do is release their drivers and folks would be more contented!

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    Re: when LG optimus p990 can update to 2.3

    LG are useless but us the users who fell for the entire the lies and fake marketing regarding LG and the gingerbread LGP990 update to 2.3 are the trick I guess .There has to be several law to prevent these companies misleading users into spending hard earned money on failure products! Every new cell phone is leagues in front of LG and they still have the daring to pitch the advert LG Optimus "sufficient said!" The complete world was suckered and it just way we make out the depressing side to corporate selling claims.

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