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Thread: GPS Maps Bug In Mango

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    GPS Maps Bug In Mango

    Hi! First off I would love to state that mango has been best operating system so far, but I have observe that when I attempt to obtain instructions on bing maps now it does not work nearly all of the instance. It pops up with a note that state "No Location Information. Bing Maps can't discover your position right now. I would Attempt once more time or later." I have a Samsung f with at&t and a registered developer account. It never once did this previous to the Mango update. As well, if I attempt to do it an only some times, occasionally it will obtain me the instructions, but when I tap on display for voice instructions, it at all times says "Can't join to satellite." All of my site options are enabled, so there is no cause for this, and it never happened earlier than mango. If there is a method to repair this, I would be glad to attempt it!

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    Re: GPS Maps Bug In Mango

    I am too having this problem my At&T Samsung Focus and with mango. This is pretty annoying as my current applications are GPS based...
    I notice in this forum post on internet which is a similar problem is due to lack of drivers from OEMs, which perhaps won't be obtainable until faster to RTM. If this is the case, does that mean I won't be capable to check on my Samsung Focus until RTM.

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    Re: GPS Maps Bug In Mango

    I am still having these difficulties on my Samsung focus AT&T even later than mango update and the latest update for Samsung. I thinking for convinced it was a driver problem and would be permanent with the Samsung update, but similar thing. GPS was so nice previous to mango, now even later than the drivers it is poor. The gps and mapping application is totally impracticable. I went to the store 20 minutes left and back and the phone took semi of the trip there, in a 3G part, to even discover the directions. Even when it establish them, still no correct GPS indication and turn by turn says "Can't establish to satellite". After 20 to 25 minutes it still did not have sufficient gesture for turn by turn. Itís totally broken.

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    Re: GPS Maps Bug In Mango

    I have accurately the similar. I originally required mango update. But I have GPS location fault. The I Went reverse to NoDo, instructions worked very well all over again. strained mango update once more but still experiencing the similar trouble. Seems to at any rate load the directions now, but canít alter to walking from driving directions and no compass or voice either or else i really like mango.

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    Re: GPS Maps Bug In Mango

    Knowing that I had a data backup, I did a tough reset on the cell phone. My position is now operating correctly. This means that the complexity is clearly a concern with software/ firmware and not a hardware difficulty. I am going to re-establish my backup and observe if it is still functioning next. I will keep you posted. One extra thing to reminder that I realized, that the diamonds that specify my location wasn't blue when it wasn't functioning. It was for all time transparent. I think it turns blue once it gets your location. So no way to repair it so far besides reverting to NoDo backup and losing the entire messages and customization that I have complete? I originate out that if I sit outside eternally, occasionally it will work, and switching from driving instructions to walking as well messes up most of the time. It never did this previous to NoDo it would discover my position almost directly, even indoors.

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    Re: GPS Maps Bug In Mango

    I am still considering extremely weird GPS issues even later than reverting to NODO and updating. I suppose I am just going to have to have it put back after contract. It seemed like it was functioning well for a couple days even though it had a big fault around it. Now it extremely rarely gets a GPS fix in the maps request and in a program like run keeper. I updated one more cell phone to Mango that hadn't had the beta edition put on and every one worked fine

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