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Thread: Audio output is very bad in MOTOROLA Atrix 2

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    Audio output is very bad in MOTOROLA Atrix 2

    I just got my MOTOROLA Atrix 2 yesterday in expects of it put back my iPod phone device and touch as a music. I loaded up my data and went to my vehicle to check it out (noticeably through the headphone jack) and I was noticeably dissatisfied. I went directly to Amazon to appear at the cost of the latest iPod model! There are just simple out frequencies that are missing or muffled on the MOTOROLA Atrix 2. It doesn’t take good learning skills to hear it either. I mean, it mechanizes, but it's not fine by far.

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    re: Audio output is very bad in MOTOROLA Atrix 2

    Do memorize that this is a cell phone first, and a music player (and the whole thing else) second. Apple formed the iPod (formerly) to play music for that reason you will hear a much improved familiarity on the iPod versus the supply music player on your MOTOROLA Atrix 2. I use twice twist, paired with their equalizer and I am receiving nice sound out of the device after some little tweaks. Wish this helps you take pleasure in your cell phone more!

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    re: Audio output is very bad in MOTOROLA Atrix 2

    You can also appear at the bit speed of the music files you set on the cell phone. If it is a actually small bit rate the music is going to sound awful. Whatever thing lesser than 128kbps I consider then the excellence starts to degrade Even several of my music that is at 128kbps sounds. I would attempt 320kbps it sounds improved although the file size does get a bit larger around 12 mbps for a 6min mp3. So you could attempt that and that might be of assistance.

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    re: Audio output is very bad in MOTOROLA Atrix 2

    Later than digging something like I establish that there's all these spatial / 3d/voice effects enabled by default, so I twisted it all off and am going to experiment again later this daylight. I'm not getting thrilled but we'll observe. I expect so. I revisit my iPhone 4S for this and I can't swap over my cell phone once more. I was utilizing Double takes the EQ and default settings are simply obtainable in the paid edition.

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    Re: Audio output is very bad in MOTOROLA Atrix 2

    After disabling all the sound effects in the Sound options (Settings -> Sound -> Media audio effects -> Wired stereo speakers > disable) I was quite calmed to discover that it's not so terrible after all. on the other hand, the mid-high series is considerably less balanced (too noisy) compared to the similar CD source material - the iPod is extra accurate. I wish Motorola would put out of action the "3D" and "tremendous bass" settings from the factory ROM. If you have any worries about the sound - please make sure those settings earliest.

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