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Thread: HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

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    HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    I recently heard of the s-off available for Amaze, is it true?. Will I be pleased with the S-off; I am checking it in the manual but not getting the actual procedure to do it. It will be somewhat complicated I think. Please help in this. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    First of all I want to give some information about the S-off, i.e. to you and many of the users. When it means of S-OFF it is that the boot loader is encryption free and unlocked so that the user is pleased with the HTC device.

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    Re: HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    It is true that the s-off is now available in HTC mobile, so you are ready to unlock it by the boot loader. The main important feature of S-OFF/S-ON is that it provides a secure installation a sort of security check whose level is determined. The safety level is a flag stored on the device’s radio which checks for the signature images prior to it is allowable to be written to system memory. On the other hand when security level is put to S-OFF, the signature check is bypassed, which allows to upload custom firmware images to the user, also unsigned boot, recovery, splash and HBOOT images.

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    Re: HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    In the world of latest technology the effects are complicated to a normal or a regular user. The Android world is no exclusion to the regulation that, new terminologies come on and on and between many new words that keep emerging, the term added to confusion is S-OFF/S-ON. These terms are usually applied to HTC’s Android phones, mainly the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G.

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    Re: HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    If you are looking for a solution for HTC’s that whether it is S-ON or S-OFF, then I will be glad to provide the solution to you. And mind it, it is very easy to verify. For this you just have to boot into HBOOT on your device, and the text on top will illustrate the flag position as either S-OFF or S-ON. A full root usually means S-OFF. This simply feature will allow you to keep a security check.

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    Re: HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    There may be questions regarding that how can I get S-OFF on my HTC Android phone. So we will provide this to you in a very easy way. We should be thankful for the team behind unrevoked tool, and it will help to get S-OFF permanently on your device. Unrevoked forever is mainly a painless root for HTC Droid Incredible. The usage is very simple, and you can have a look for the process:

    1. If just looking for a simple root, you should visit unrevoked website on your HTC Android phone. Then tap the symbol to download the app, after this install it and click start. And this is ready to use.
    2. If you want to get the root with permanent safety level S-OFF, visit the link provided. Download and install the suitable program for your operating system. I can say here that the Windows, Mac OS and Linux are also supported. Finally, just plug in your phone to PC by means of USB cable, and run the program that you installed. So I think that the procedure is quite simple.

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    Re: HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    Having S-OFF as the permanent safety level flag is the main advantage of using unrevoked forever. Having a permanent S-OFF is like even if you flash an unrootable update, you can still flash a custom recovery and ROM, which will make the root of yours permanent. The main thing is that you cannot lose the skill to flash HBOOTs and radio images via FASTBOOT

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