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Thread: Start-up hitches in TomTom Via 120 /160

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    Start-up hitches in TomTom Via 120 /160

    I be the owner of a Via 120/160 I've be using it frequently while I bought it in February 2011. I had no problem until today, as soon as I tried on. Nothing happened! I always use through the adapter insert into the cigarette adapter thing is presentation a green light as it always does. TomTom appear to be dead What happened and what I can do? The wife and I are half-drive holidays in France. Currently in Amboise in the Loire Valley and desperately need my TomTom that works as we still have to travel 1500kms! Do I have to buy road maps feared or should I go buy a Garman? Looking forward to get a response from someone

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    re: Start-up hitches in TomTom Via 120 /160

    Just try a soft-reset it will certainly help

    Method to reset

    1. make sure that the battery is charged appropriately.
    Charge your gadget for as a minimum 2 hours previous to trying to turn it on once more.

    2. Now to reset your device.
    Push and hold the On/Off button awaiting your device restart. Drum-roll hears. This take no less than 15 to 20 seconds.

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    Re: Start-up hitches in TomTom Via 120 /160

    I have a TOMTOM I have not worn for several months. I was lost. Now realized that connects to your computer and do nothing, so I left connected for several hours. Now I can get to the "please wait" sign and no further. I tried several times to restore the maneuver and gain entry into the sound, then please wait I do not see any door to a battery. It's a shot? Is there anything else I can do?

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