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Thread: How to change WiFi proxy settings in Sony Xperia neo V

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    How to change WiFi proxy settings in Sony Xperia neo V

    I want some help to configure wifi proxy settings for Sony Xperia neo V. I am not able to get a proper connectivity solution for that. I had tried doing that manually but it fails to work. I want to change that so that I can go ahead with manual connection. That will be a bit easier job for me. I just need to enable proxy when I am on a wifi network. Because I am trying to connect at my office where some site are banned.

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    I am not sure about the direct settings but you can try using a third party app for the same. There are plenty of them available on android market place. Just download good app through which you can enable proxy and use it. I am having a similar phone where in the wifi I am not able to find any settings. The phone automatically connect to the wifi and acquire IP address.

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    This thing is possible on a android phone. For that you have to first turn on the wifi and tap on that. The phone will ask you for the password. Below that you can see a Proxy section. By default there will be None. Tap on that and choose Manual. Add all the proxy information in that and save the connection. Then try to access blocked website. I think once this is properly configured you don't really need a third party website.

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