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Thread: Shifting from BlackBerry Storm 2 to BlackBerry torch 9850

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    Shifting from BlackBerry Storm 2 to BlackBerry torch 9850

    Now that my new BlackBerry torch 9850 is in the Verizon email and it will arrive I want to be prepared to move as much things on my Storm 2 as possible. Are there any instructions on this site or go elsewhere for everything from my Storm 2 How I can move all your contacts, photos, videos, applications, and the storm 2 I guess some of the applications will not work until they passed a version of OS 7. I've been careful to back up my Storm 2 that the final configuration from today. Hope you do not have to reset all my preferences and options for email messages, ringtones, etc, and all those in my Storm 2 easily transferred to the new BlackBerry 9850. Help please. Will the new 9850 come with things like the Blackberry application OS7 Bridge?

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    Re: Shifting from BlackBerry Storm 2 to BlackBerry torch 9850

    I think You can use Desktop Manager to exchange all information from your old phone to new phone. Just make sure you have the current date Desktop Manager Just make certain to use the device wizard does not transfer you transfer your current applications which could create problems and failures. It is best just to re-download all new applications from App World. All your preferences will be transferred to your new phone! And the Desktop Manager Wizard device switch will be simple and give you step by step instructions. Anyway, if I helped many click button Thanks!

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    Re: Shifting from BlackBerry Storm 2 to BlackBerry torch 9850

    Hey I wonder what is the best way to modify the PIN or device model ect. In places like MobiHand or BlackBerry global application as being able to re-download your applications? Had a terrible experience last time. Weeks with no applications Iíll take the responsibility the failed attempts.

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    Re: Shifting from BlackBerry Storm 2 to BlackBerry torch 9850

    There may perhaps be a choice to go over sure things only just similar to you have managed what material you can keep to a backup file.
    But I'm certain as I haven't completed it myself. You be able to always delete the apps you don't required earlier as I don't believe decide what to switch over is a characteristic a lot of are scream for.

    Iím sitting here anxiously awaiting the coming of my BlackBerry 9850, and racking my brain about the best way to transfer everything else. Thinking that he will jump DTM and download all compatible applications and BB Use Privacy OTA to recover contacts, calendar etc. Any suggestions or warnings All appreciated

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