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Thread: Where to download Nokia E63 firmware

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    Where to download Nokia E63 firmware

    From the last 6 months I have been using the nokia E63 smartphone which is running with Symbian operating system. However from the past 6 months my phone is running with firmware version 501.21.001. This was also the last update in Nokia official site and after this there is no update from Nokia side till now. Yesterday I have seen my friendís E63 which he has bought 3 months back. While looking at his firmware version it was 510.21.010. How could be this possible? The Nokia official site is still showing that the last update is 501.21.001. So where I can download this new firmware?

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    Re: Where to download Nokia E63 firmware

    Your phone should have the option to update the firmware configuration option, there looking to upgrade the phone software, I recommend you first make a backup of your data on your PC and then start the update. Make sure that the update is to your region because some characters or functions are not available in all areas or regions where they sell the phones. Furthermore I donít have any idea about the new firmware yet. I am still searching for it.

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    Re: Where to download Nokia E63 firmware

    First, install Nokia PC Suite software that are included in the package with which we bought our phone. Once this is done, the computer will recognize officially our device. At this point let us go to the website of Nokia in the updates section. Once the page opens, select the model of our phone, click on the appropriate link and discharge associated with Nokia Software Updater (23.4 MB in all).

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    Re: Where to download Nokia E63 firmware

    In several forums tells me that all I have to do is reinstall the same firmware but it turns out now to enter the "Nokia Software Update" does not allow me to install the same firmware only appears to me that there is a new version.

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    Re: Where to download Nokia E63 firmware

    Yes I have also heard that there is new firmware update came for e63 mobile phone but I donít know whether it is available for all regions or not. I have first checked in Europe region and there still a old firmware. The update is done via OTA (Over The Air) or PC using Nokia Software Update. Besides maintaining the tool data storing the data, yet still convenient to make a backup whenever possible. If the option does not come out it may be because the product code has not even available in your country.

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