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Thread: Radio application lost from Nokia N97

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    Radio application lost from Nokia N97

    from last one year I am using Nokia n97 mobile phone and I have recently update the firmware of my mobile phone and after that I when I checked the mobile phone at that time there was no radio application in my mobile phone. how can get back radio option in my mobile phone.

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    Re: Radio application lost from Nokia N97

    I have read your problem and donít worry you have not lost the radio application in your Nokia N97 mobile phone. Actually first there was as separate icon for the radio application in Nokia N97 mobile phone. in new firmware of the Nokia N97 there is no separate radio icon is available but now that option is available under the music menu and if you want use the radio then you have to go to the music menu and then you will get the radio option.

    if you are not getting the radio option in music menu also then I think something went wrong while updating he firmware In your mobile phone and you have to contact the Nokia care and after that you have to tell them about the problem which you are facing in your mobile phone. After that they will solve your problem and after that all the things will start working normally.

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    Re: Radio application lost from Nokia N97

    After looking at your post I have open the menu and then I have selected the music option and under the music option radio option was there. Thank you for helping me. I really appreciate your help.

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