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Thread: Info about Nokia N8 Video Codecs?

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    Info about Nokia N8 Video Codecs?

    I am using a iphone 4 but now i want to switch back to symbian and i am willing to get nokia 8 for it but before that i just wanted to know about it's ability for playback movies i have herad from my sources that n8 is not capable of playing play avi and divx(xvid) is it true?. Any suggestion regarding the same will be appreciated.

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    Re: Info about Nokia N8 Video Codecs?

    I am using my Nokia N8 since last two months and i will like you to say that you have heard wrong from your sources because N8 is very well able of playing the avi and divx(xvid) at its best but yes there are some problem with the file with .mpg extension and a probably with mp4 videos as well because i have noticed that it either plays the mp4 video and some time it just stop playing the video and will not bulge other than this i think it play most of the videos with different extension.

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    Re: Info about Nokia N8 Video Codecs?

    Yes i agree with you and as far as i know its related to CABAC reference frames i mean in order to play the video N8 requires the video to have CABAC <= 4 reference frames.I have came across The videos from TED dot com and have found that some of those videos are encoded with 8 reference frames So in order to play it on N8 we will require to convert the video to have less reference frames because of which we will need a converter as well

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    Re: Info about Nokia N8 Video Codecs?

    The following list of different video formats are ver well supported by Nokia N8:
    • H.264 (base profile, main profile, high profile)
    • MPEG-4
    • VC-1
    • Sorenson Spark
    • Real video 10
    • Streaming: H.264
    • Flash Lite 4 (Flash 10 compatibility for video)
    • On2 VP6
    • Sorenson Spar

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    Re: Info about Nokia N8 Video Codecs?

    These are the list of video converters that can be used by Nokia N8:
    • Kingconvert Nokia N8 Video Converter 5.3
    • Kingconvert RMVB Video Converter 5.1Bytescout Lossless Video Codec 1.0
    • Huffyuv lossles video codec 2.1
    • All Video to RM RMVB Converter 1.7
    • Apex Video To RM RMVB Converter 4.9
    • Nokia Video Converter Factory 2.0

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    Re: Info about Nokia N8 Video Codecs?

    I will suggest you to get "Nokia Video Converter Factory 3.0" because i have been using the same and it is just great it comes with a conversion help process with the list of supported device using this when to start converting the video will play as well but you can disable it if you want to speed up the process or you can also send the application to the background .You also have some performance setting as well just check it out and you will surely like it.

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