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Thread: How to solve Mango 7720 not working properly?

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    How to solve Mango 7720 not working properly?

    I have tried updating to 7712 want and have been successful as well but now when I am trying to update to 7720 and when I am running the provision tool or RCToRTM I am getting an error message saying that the installed version of the tool (4.7.1404) needs to be updated so Please install the tool version 4.8.2345.Is there anyone having an idea about this? Any help regarding the same will be appreciated

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    Re: How to solve Mango 7720 not working properly?

    I think that your "Windows Phone Engineering Flashing Tool" version just needs to match your version.I remember that When I have performed this update I had just used a Flashing Tool version 4.8.2134 and I also had a beta Zune which was of version 4.8.2134. I has first uninstall both the programs and in the RCToRTM file and then I has installed both Zune Beta and Flashing Tool installer and after that I has went to the ADD/REMOVE programs and had verified the versions match and it had worked fine for me so just check out your version.

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