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Thread: No wireless connection on Toshiba Satellite L300-20D

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    No wireless connection on Toshiba Satellite L300-20D

    I was using a Toshiba Satellite L300-20D laptop and yesterday I purchased a new hard drive and put it in this laptop and installed Windows 7 on it. After that I ran system restore from the backup discs. All the things are working fine except for the wireless card which is not listed under device manager. The wifi switch is on but still I dont know where the device has gone. Does anyone know how to solve the wireless problem in this laptop? Thanks

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    Re: No wireless connection on Toshiba Satellite L300-20D

    Well, the driver might not be installed if the Wireless card is not listed in the device manager. So, you need to update the WLAN driver and for that you can download the latest driver for your model from the official website of Toshiba. Or else you can also download the drivers from here - Did you also test the other FN key combination? If this doesnt worh then the issue might be missing Value Added Package and Flash Cards support utility, which you can get from Toshiba website only.

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    Re: No wireless connection on Toshiba Satellite L300-20D

    After reading your question I think that you might have used the Toshiba recovery DVD? I know that recovery image has all the necessary drivers for all the hardware components so it should also have the WLAN card driver as well. I think that your laptop might have either Realtek or Atheros RTL8187B WLAN card so try to search for the driver for this hardware and install it in your laptop.

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    Can you try to restart or reset the wireless router or access point and after that make sure that your wireless network is working properly or not. Climate or electrical disturbances can restore wireless tools to its default state. So try to configure your wireless router to the default settings by reading from the manufacturer's manual. If you get in with the default settings, you'll require to again set up any custom settings for wireless connection.

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