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Thread: Touchscreen not working well in Nokia X3-02

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    Touchscreen not working well in Nokia X3-02

    I have bought a Nokia X3-02 just a couple of weeks ago and it was working fine by now but the problem now i am facing is that the touch screen is not responding well,some times it hangs up for a while and sometime it just don't respond for minutes and minutes,i am not even able to unlock my phone as it makes it completely unusable.I don't know what went wrong with it it was working very well until i installed Nokia Ovi Suite bu i am not sure if this problem could be caused by it.Any one have an idea about it? any suggestion regarding the same will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Touchscreen not working well in Nokia X3-02

    Just try to solve it by performing the common things such as switching off your phone and removing your battery and then inserting the battery again and switching it on after 10 to 15 mins.You can also try to switch it on without the battery and the memory card as well if there is any minor problem with your phone then it will be solved by all this.Just check out this solution and tell me if it still remains the same or it starts working fine by this solution.I don't think there might be any problem because of the ovi suite as i am using it and i have Neva came across such type of problem yet.

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    Re: Touchscreen not working well in Nokia X3-02

    Even i have been using Nokia ovi suite in my screen touch phone and i have never faced such problems by now sometimes it used to hang up and stop responding the touch but then after switching it off and again switching it on had always solved the problem the non responding problem did no last long then a couple of minutes but if you think that's not your case then there might be some hardware problem in you phone and you might need to get it repair from the service center.

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    Re: Touchscreen not working well in Nokia X3-02

    This problem might be really because of some hardware problem as i am using the same phone and with the latest Nokia ovi suite as well and i have not experienced the same problem yet so i don think that ovi suite is affecting your phone in any sense bu still you can try this out just go to phone Menu then click on "Settings" and then click on "Phone" and then at "Touch settings" and then on "Scr. calibration" and continue the process till it ends if there might be any kind of touch sensitivity problem which is not getting responded due to the setting you have made previously then just switch it to default and then switch off your phone and then switch it on and check if it works.

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    Re: Touchscreen not working well in Nokia X3-02

    Even i was facing the same problem and even i tried to solve it out by all the ways that i was aware of and all the suggestion that i was suggested but nothing seemed to have worked for me and i was just left without any solution but later i realized that it is surely a hardware problem and i went to the service center and they had replaced my touch screen and then it was working fine but the problem here is that you would have to wait for at least a week to get your phone back from the service center as i had received my phone after 10 days but getting it repair was much important so i will suggest you to get it checked from the service center if its under warranty period.

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