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Thread: Fix for IPhone 3gs No Service/No Network

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    Fix for IPhone 3gs No Service/No Network

    If it is 3G iPhone with OS 4.1 base band 05.14.02

    1. ultrasnow
    2. iFunbox
    3. firmware 4.1.
    4. Redsn0w 0.9.6b5

    Step 1

    1. Redsn0w 0.9.6b5.
    2. Browse and select the firmware 4.1
    3. Click Next
    4. Install Cydia and verify IPAD BASEBAND
    5. Click Next
    6. Follow the instruction of DFU
    7. Jailbreak done!

    Step 2

    1. Open iFunbox.exe
    2. Click "system Raw file"
    3. Open VAR
    4. Open root
    5. Open media . Create new folder Name "Cydia"
    6. Open cydia-“Extract ultrasn0w files in Auto Install.
    7. Restart two times.

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    Re: Fix for IPhone 3gs No Service/No Network

    Well, having 3g .after jailbreak firmware update n band .I cannot run Cydia .I even tried to ifunbox.Restart 10 times, yet not unlocked. I got this info while it tethered with it but still canít get success.

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    Re: Fix for IPhone 3gs No Service/No Network

    I jail broken my 3G, and have successfully updated the band 06.15.00. I installed these files in the right place, but the phone has no service. I reinstalled again, and again I do all the steps from the beginning, but the service comes as random 5 minutes and then disappears for days. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm very desperate now. Thank you.

    And there is no problem with my SIM card or anything. And the phone was working before the upgrade. I did the trick to change the airplane mode and 3G on and off. I installed directly from Cydia ultrasn0w well, nothing happens.

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    Re: Fix for IPhone 3gs No Service/No Network

    I am following the Institute on the iPhone 3G, IOS 4.2, base band 6.15, but when I spent the files in / var / root / Media / Cydia / Auto Install, then disconnect the device, which is fine, I reconnect again to verify. Although, upon reboot, I see that nothing happens, restart several times, no change, and when I return back to that path cannot find the files. The operating system is removing files in that directory, I repeat several times, so no, something is deleting the files is there .Hope this helps someone not to move forward on this issue.

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