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Thread: Apple iPod a1136 30gb does not start

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    Apple iPod a1136 30gb does not start

    I just formatted my apple iPod a1136 30gb, while formatting I modify the format file system to NTFS. I want to know what should I do to restore again all the correct system file to FAT32 into the ipod. Please guys help me .??

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    Re: Apple iPod a1136 30gb does not start

    for that you just need to follow the following steps that are given as follows :-
    •Keep the iPod in the disk mode .
    •Now directly on your desktop or in my computer you can see you I pod in the itunes resource.
    •Check it if it appears that the sound is not possible to mount and prompt to start the disk, select the start the I pod disk. For that you need to use mac operating system extended format (HFS plus) if you are using FAT 32 window or MAC
    •Follow all the point to restore the ipod. If you are manually putting Ipod in the disk mode It will require to reset after that only you can use ipod
    •If you are not able to keep the I pod in the Disk mode after completing the all steps .your Ipod need to get repaired for that you need to contact your manufactures.

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    Re: Apple iPod a1136 30gb does not start

    try this out firstfall ensure that your iPod is entirely charged and then put your apple ipod plugged in and reset it again and again try it out by holding two buttons basically it varies depending upon the modle of the i pod try to toggle the Hold switch turn on and again turn off

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