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Thread: What is the difference between Smartphone and android phone?

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    What is the difference between Smartphone and android phone?

    I want to buy a new phone. I am going to order that online. I found a site which sells many phone. It has menu from where we can sort the phone. It has Android phone at one side and Smartphone on the other. I want to know the difference between this two. My friends recommend to buy Android so that I can have lots of free apps. But what about Smartphone. Does this kind of phone some special type of features. What is the actual difference here.

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    Re: What is the difference between Smartphone and android phone?

    The Smartphone is bit different compared to regular cell phone. It will give you all the features of a regular cell phone but above that it will give you option to use internet and email. Like Blackberry. Where you can receive e-mail and edit Office documents. This is only possible in Smartphone. Also the operating system in Smartphone will allows you to run different applications. For example the Blackberry and iPhone devices. This are all smartphone. Even Android devices are counted under Smartphone.

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    Re: What is the difference between Smartphone and android phone?

    Go for any mid range android phone and you will get all those thing which are needed. You will get all the features associated with email, internet, and connectivity. Today we are having are ample of models. If you need a durable design then you have to go with branded devices. Like from Samsung or Sony. They provide you rich features with good design. Do not just stick with smartphone only because that limit the usage. You are restricted to apps.

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    Most of the smartphone come with web access. Like windows phone. They give you email support, you can chat with your friends and surf web also. But Android is bit different. Today we have numerous android applications available on Google Play. If you need to check your mail you can download a mail app. You can download video players to play various videos. I think Android phone will be more helpful. Just get for some good model and buy it.

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