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Thread: Lenovo T400 with 8 GB Ram not working

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    Lenovo T400 with 8 GB Ram not working

    Howdy, has any individual commissioned 8GB of RAM on a T400 (model 2768 CTO with most cutting edge BIOS)? Since so what mark / detail works? I've tried instating 2 x 4GB Corsair DDR3 PC3-8500. It didn't work. I would have done well to get my motherboard reinstated under my warranty. The information on the Lenovo post is opposing concerning what the max RAM underpinned is, either 4GB or 8GB. I totally require something greater than 4GB to run virtual machines, so in the event that its feasible I'd love to expertise.

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    Re: Lenovo T400 with 8 GB Ram not working

    The T400 underpin max 8gb of RAM, but some data from Lenovo is old and old fashioned on account of at some focus there was no 4gb memory modules good to go so even if the chipset did uphold 8gb of RAM there was no place you would be able to as a matter of fact purchase the 4gb modules. Now the 4GB modules are been good to go for some time and it might work fine. I have joined 8 GB of RAM for the T400 and its working fine. I acquired the RAM from Lenovo. Underneath is my detail: Part no: 55Y3708
    Spec: SO DIMM 204-pins - DDR3 - 1066 MHz / PC3-8500 - 1.5 V, Non-EEC

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    Re: Lenovo T400 with 8 GB Ram not working

    I don't comprehend what's up with that spec. I have 8G of RAM in my T400 (2764-CTO) working actually fine. It's a considerable spot cheaper than when I acquired it. There have been considerable measures of articles of pain with Corsair memory in ThinkPads, so I ran with Crucial. My specification is- R40 XP Pro + Linux + Solaris, T43 XP Pro + Linux + Solaris, T61 XP Pro + Win 7 + VMs, T400 Win 7 Pro 64 + too many VMs to count.

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    Re: Lenovo T400 with 8 GB Ram not working

    As per me I think just a 64 cycle OS underpins 8 GB of RAM, with 32 digit supporting application 3.5 GB of RAM.

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