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Thread: Giving up iPhone 4 for Blackberry torch 9810

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    Giving up iPhone 4 for Blackberry torch 9810

    Lately I am thinking about selling my iPhone and get BlackBerry torch 9810 with an early upgrade $200+$49 I am a big fan of BlackBerry as I use BlackBerry curve 8310, BlackBerry curve 8900 and BlackBerry bold 9000but I have bad experience with BlackBerry storm . and top of that I am buying BlackBerry torch 9810
    Because it featured in my favorite show Suits on USA which actually make me want it more. what do you people think about that please suggest me that whether I am doing it right or wrong I would be appreciate that

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    re: Giving up iPhone 4 for Blackberry torch 9810

    Why don’t you use the best buy option they have the sell back program that you give you good prices for your phone i did the same with my iPhone3 and i got the good price which was not when i was trying some other medium

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    re: Giving up iPhone 4 for Blackberry torch 9810

    Hey guys great news just $249 to upgrade to torch. but i am really thing to get the used blackberry torch 9800 to get to know the feel of blackberry torch i am thinking to hold off for the couple of weeks because with this pricing people will definitely start to sell their 9800/9810 torches craigslist . scoop one up for maybe that price without having to resign a contract so I am really going to play the patience game so that at the ent I wonít feel bad about anything I am not a big IPhone fan but still, iPhone to blackberry is going to be a big difference for you.
    I just get my friend blackberry torch 9800 just to see I f I like the form factor , sliding, keyboard, etc .if I would like this device of my friend then I would wonít hesitate to go for the brand new 50 bucks blackberry 9810 so Good luck for you and try not to impulse buy, itís the bad

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    Re: Giving up iPhone 4 for Blackberry torch 9810

    Hey I heard the best price for the Blackberry torch 9810 id $50 or its $250. Please confirm this

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