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Thread: Nokia announces Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle

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    Nokia announces Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle

    Recently I read somewhere that that the Nokia launches two different operating system. This is the Symbian Anna and the Symbian Belle. I need to collect the information that will be help to clear that why Nokia called it as Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle. Any help will be appreciating.

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    Re: Nokia announces Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle

    Symbian Anna is the latest software update for Symbian smartphone. There is so much kind of facility present on this Symbian OS. It works solid and provides the platform to access the latest technology based function. The other Symbian Anna is to be also similar to that but this Symbian Anna mobile os has to be come earlier with the Symbian Belle. I read several articles that is to be describe the official announcement on Symbian Belle but they have not describe the real thinking behind this name of the mobile OS. This cell phone OS is to be decided by the manufacturer and hence they has to be assign the name to this OS on their own thoughts.

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    Re: Nokia announces Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle

    Anna comes with a set of new rounded icons while the other Symbian Belle is to be providing the “burning platform”. The question you ask is normally not come into users mind. This name of the OS is might be contain some interesting reason. It could also possible that it is just version number replacing numeric value. This is my thinking and it could also possible that it contains some interesting reason. You need to contact the owner of this mobile OS.

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