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Thread: Simple Gprs settings to configure reliance data

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    Simple Gprs settings to configure reliance data

    I am trying to configure reliance data on htc. But it is not working. I am going to use the same internet on my pc also. But things are bit different here. I am not able to use internet. I had seen the internet settings are quiet simple but still the output is not as expected. I am unable to open any pages. I am getting page not found error. I had deleted and configure settings again and again a number of time but it is not working.

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    You have to call the customer care for that. They will send you proper settings. I was also facing the issue when I was trying to access reliance internet on my mobile. I tried many manual way of doing that but that but it fails to work. It was bit complicated to add settings manually. Later on I contacted the customer care service. They send me a message where all settings were provided and it worked. There was no issue with it now.

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    Without proper apn you won't get the internet access. By sending a sms to reliance you can get the settings instantly. Or else you can follow the manual option listed below. Just add the things as mentioned below in the device settings and check back. I think that is enough to fix the problem you are facing:
    • Operator - Reliance GSM
    • APN - rcomnet or smartnet
    • Access Number - #777
    • Username -
    • Password -
    • Authentication Type - none
    • Proxy - Disable
    • Proxy address -
    • Port -
    • Data Bearer - GPRS/PACKET DATA
    • DNS1 -
    • DNS2 -

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