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Thread: How to bypass pixi plus activation

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    How to bypass pixi plus activation

    Is it possible to bypass PIXI Plus Activation. I want to activate the same on my WebOS device. I am unable to find any solution for this. I had tried to look for the same on various different website but there is no direct procedure available. Is there a app for Palm. I had seen some people on some forums discussing about that but there is no straight procedure available that can provide to buypass pixi plus activation. Can anyone help me here.

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    I will give you a method for Pixi+. I hope this can help you also. You will need to install WOSQI in your for pc for that. So that you can access novaterm. Just enable DEVMODE and download devicetool.js. Then you have to enter recovery mode in your device. For that just remove the battery and then press volume up key and connect the usb. The device will be in recovery mode. Then from your pc run devicetool.js. Follow the screen instruction.

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    There is one more simple step you can try if the other one is not working. You have to connect wifi on your device for that and sign into your profile. You have to install WOSQI on your pc and then add impostah. Using this tool remove the account info. Then again via WOSQI you have to run novacomm and access pre3. In the terminal type cd /var/luna/preferences and then type rm ran-first-us. The last command you have to enter is
    pkill LunaSysMgr. That's it. You have to restart the activation.

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