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Thread: MyTouch 4G is the biggest POS I have ever owned

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    MyTouch 4G is the biggest POS I have ever owned

    I have a lot of other things I could be doing right now besides taking the time to sign up for an online forum but I will at least feel a little bit better hopefully if I can share some of my feelings regarding the worst phone I have ever owned.

    I guess I will just keep this simple and go with a list style post that describes all of the problems (that I can even think of/remember right now) that I experience on an almost daily basis with my MyTouch 4G

    Feel free to add on to this list or confirm some of the many problems I have listed. Also...FYI - I cracked the screen on my first MyTouch 4G and got a new one through my insurance plan. My second phone has the exact same problems as my first if not more.

    here we go......

    Sends random texts a day or two later (some of them I was actually trying to send and other ones I did not want sent)...getting texts sent out two days after you did not want them sent in the first place makes for some interesting explanations

    Deletes all of my text messages whenever it feels like it

    Pauses or gets 'hung up' when loading web pages The guy at the tmobile store suggested that I download a free android app that closes all currently running applications. Apparently I was not the first with this issue.

    Constantly drops calls during initial dial/connection phase or else pauses, never rings and then disconnects the call This can happen repeatedly before a call is finally connected.

    When trying to send/forward any type of text message where the contact is being looked up by you entering the first few letters of their name it will delete it all of a sudden and make you start over.....this will happen over and over again making you feel like it's some sort of game to see how quick you can look up the name and tap on it EXAMPLE: As soon as I type in J-O-H and then hit the right 'John' it will pop up for one sec and then clear it making me start over again.

    Constantly restarts text messaging application due to errors

    Sometimes will not access text messages at all until I restart the phone Either I click on my text icon to load messages and they never load or I click on a specific text dialog and it will never load

    Goes in and out of service completely (Randomly has zero service and display screen/bars indicate this as well)

    Constantly stutters and can't keep up with the text you are entering either via swype or just regular tap entering.....shows letters being entered that you typen in a whole word ago. Sometimes this gets so bad that the whole phone freezes and tries to figure out what the hell is going on. It also happens in little spurts that cause the phone to not recognize swype text and it will enter the wrong words.

    When taking a picture it takes up to 10 seconds for the camera app to restart before you can take another one

    Freezes up sometimes and will not allow you to answer an incoming call. Does not let you slide down to talk

    Not common....but every once in a while the phone will not allow me to disconnect from a dialed call. The little green phone icon just stays there and it will not disconnect the fu$*%!^ call! (this has caused me to have to pull out my battery before.....right up there in seriousness with deleting texts and sending random texts a day or two later.

    This phone can very easily ruin your life.......and I am not even exagerating. How many times have I relied on a text message for important information only to have all of my texts deleted?

    How many times have I had some random text that I never even wanted sent in the first place randomly send itself a day later?

    I could go on and on.


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    Re: MyTouch 4G is the biggest POS I have ever owned

    Well, most of the issues seems to be related to the text messaging or typing text issues. This can be or maybe sorted out by either a OS software update or perhaps replacing the sim card, which might be at fault. If it won't let you choose tmobile data click on the menu button, and choose reset to default. The apn's should reset and you should be able to choose it, and it stick. You can also try to go in the settings (message app) and modify the size of messages that you can receive and send, from the defaults to maximum allowable.

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