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Thread: How can use netflix on playbook

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    How can use netflix on playbook

    I want some help to play netflix on Blackberry Playbook. I have a hdmi cable with me. I am not really sure about getting the netflix connection on the tablet. But I had seen this my friend doing on his iPad. I just want to stream some movies in it so that I can watch it separately sitting in my room. I have a long hdmi cable also. I had first connected where there was no display on the tablet. What are the other things I can try here.

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    Re: How can use netflix on playbook

    You are doing things in reverse. Through hdmi you can get the tablet display on a widescreen tv. But you cannot get your tv display on tablet. That is the reverse thing. Here you can use your netflix account on your tablet. You just have to locate the blackerry app for that. Download the app and login through which you can see the movies instantly on wifi. There is no need to worry about the video streaming. You just have to enable wifi connection on your tablet.

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    Re: How can use netflix on playbook

    If you had a android tablet then it will be easier for you to have netflix. But I am not sure about that on BB Playbook. You can stream through the web browser. That is possible. But that will be slow I think. I am having a android tablet in which I am streaming movies through Youtube and it works really well. There is no issue with the output. The tab does not lag once you have a really good internet connectivity. The video is slow on poor network.

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    No Netflix does not work on Blackberry Playbook. There is no chance of running it. I had seen this in my friends tablet and we are trying to do that from long time. I had tested many apps but nothing helped. In the same way if you have a android then things are much more easier. You can try running flash updates that would help you to get some online video streaming solution. That's it. Services like netflix does not help much.

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