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Thread: Android market difficult to reach

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    Android market difficult to reach

    Hey guys recently got a new app Android market for my phone but now I am having problem with that app I donít know how but I am not able to log in into my Gmail account which I donít understand Whenever I try to log in into my Gmail account its give me error pop up to retry or back to cancel. Every other app are working fine in my phone but android market has some trouble. is someone have the same problem like I have please suggest me what technique you have used to solve this kind of problem,

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    Re: Android market difficult to reach

    I think I have solution for your problem I once had a same kind of problem with my phone it was HTC T-Mobile G1. Donít know what phone model you are using but this may help you login problem its very simple the process is to reboot your device and it would be working fine . I first thought the problem was the data connection but it doesnít I admit it was a strange fault that I unable to find but a quick reboot solve my this problem. I think you should also do the same it will not harm to rebooting your phone one a while

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    Re: Android market difficult to reach

    Rebooting the phone is just switching the phone off and then again restarting the phone back I donít think that not gonna help you cause a much all u need to do is just install a new app name MyBackup Pro into your phone what this app does is take the backup of your phone data to SD Card or our online secured servers including your settings and apps . now just go to your phone setting and restore the factory setting that will reset your phone back at the time you brought your phone now restore the back up and your phone ready to use but if this doesnít work then your phone has some technical issue or you SIM account is not properly activated the data connection .

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    Re: Android market difficult to reach

    I had the same problem with my phone itís all starts when my phone browser became slow so I cleared the cache memory manually something I advice you not to do then all I did is reseted my phone to factory setting and did not download addition GPRS setting from my service provider I created Gmail and other accounts using my default GPRS setting . that how I get rid of this problem , actually I reseted my phone to factory setting two or three time to get my accounts and Android market working

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