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Thread: which is better Motorola droid 3 or HTC droid incredible 2

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    which is better Motorola droid 3 or HTC droid incredible 2

    I have a Motorola Droid X since from 6 months, but I get frustrated using this phone because itís 3G dropped every time. I have heard about HTC droid incredible 2, so previously I decided that to go for incredible before hearing the new that Motorola droid 3 is starting to look tempting. I love to type on keyboard not on touch screen. And Droid 3 provide inbuilt keyboard with its phone. So what I do I am confused between this two phones. Please suggest me which phone I choose.

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    Re: which is better Motorola droid 3 or HTC droid incredible 2

    In the event that youíre searching for a sleeker handset, then you may would like to change your look to the upcoming Droid Incredible 2. Basically the HTC Incredible S, the just contrast youíll spot on Verizon's variant is that itís the CDMA form of the Incredible S, which we saw go inhabit Mobile World Congress 2011. Different than that, itís the same sexy and smooth equipment weíve approach anticipate from HTC, and is a robust overhaul from the initial Incredible. The DI2 is an evolutionary update from the first, carrying with it a more imposing screen, quicker processor, and front-encountering zoom lens. The successor even dons the same, ďwalkedĒ electric storage device blanket as the first, which might be a turn off for some, but we rather like it. Regardless, while still particularly comparative, the Incredible sequel is something to be revered.

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    Re: which is better Motorola droid 3 or HTC droid incredible 2

    I have had the droid incredible 2 and the droid 3. I should express the HDI (HTC Droid incredible) battery device essence is pretty unfavorable and i didnít would like to purchase a preferable battery device so I actually switched to droid 3. I think the SenseUI is much a cut above Motoblur the so HDI had best interface. But also yes droid 3 is a huge telephone, but I didn't crave paying every last trace of the additional cash to make droid fantastic a good fit for me. Likewise swype shouldnít positively be an issue when choosing. You could probably purchase an application in the business called SlideIT for the droid HDI that works practically the same as swype.

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    Re: which is better Motorola droid 3 or HTC droid incredible 2

    The Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Incredible both these phones are using Android operating system which is available from Verizon. They have much common function like rums on android operating system, having display 3.7Ē, capable for 3G, WVGA touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPs receivers. But there are too a difference also a major difference is Motorola droid has a built-in sliding keyboard while comparing to HTC droid it does not have. This keyboard option is not best option in my point of view because itís not easy to type with this keyboard. If you go for typing then Motorola will be the best option for you.

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    Re: which is better Motorola droid 3 or HTC droid incredible 2

    If you compare with this phone on the basis of processor then HTC device uses a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, while Motorola droid device runs on 800 MHz processor, that has been under locked to run at 550 MHz . I donít think that to run android 2.2 doesnít require 1 GHz processor it can be work also on less than 1 GHz but in future you go for upgradation of OS to android 3.0 or 3.1 then it requires faster chip and that time HTC is ready for upgradation while Motorola droid is not ready.

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    Re: which is better Motorola droid 3 or HTC droid incredible 2

    Talking about camera in both phone then HTC wins this race. Because Incredible has 8 megapixel camera while in Motorola model has only 5 megapixels which also producing subpar pictures. That doesnít means that 5X is bad camera but the Droid among the worst I have used while HTC camera is outstanding. Both phone containing almost same features like they have a volume rocker, power/ lock button, standard 3.5 mm headset jack, and micro USB port besides this Motorola has add some more feature like micro HDMI port and 2-stop camera shutter button.

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