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Thread: Visiontek 82gh modem unlocker

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    unsure Visiontek 82gh modem unlocker

    Hi All,

    I hv Visionteck 82gh 3g modem. I want to unlock it. Please help to unlock it

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    Re: Visiontek 82gh modem unlocker

    Try the below steps:

    1. Install the USB modem as usual

    2. Create a new APN in the BSNL interface (for docomo it is "tata.docomo.internet"). Make it as default.

    3. Check in Windows under installed modem options. there you will have HSPA DataCardPropritary USB MODEM

    4. Create a new Dialup with your desired name and use the above modem as modem dialing number will be 99#. user name and password will be blank

    5. Go to the BSNL modem installed directory in Program Files. in my system it is "C:\Program Files\BSNL 3G Data Carcl\BSNL 3G\" . Change the file name BSNL. 3G.exe to something else. for example BSNL so that it will not

    6. Now remove your datacard and remove BSNL sim and put whichever the SIM you want (APN should be the same) connect it again to the system.

    7. The green light will glow after 10-15 seconds. Now you can connect using the new dialup connection we made. (Here onwards. every time you can use the dial-up) It will get connected in 3.0 MBPS. actual speed will be depended on the SIM you are using and the network strength.

    For me, when i used my vodafone (2G) SIM I got real download speed upto IOQIQBPS and with My docomo sim (SG) igot upto 3.14 MBPS.

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    Re: Visiontek 82gh modem unlocker

    Well, if you want to unlock this Visiontek 82gh usb modem then you will have to start downloading a software from the DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1084 by searching it on the internet. You just need to install it in your computer and the connect your USB modem in your pc. After that run the driver in the modem for installation to take place and follow the instructions given after that.

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    Re: Visiontek 82gh modem unlocker

    Even I am having this old Airtel Visiontek 82gh modem with me and I was trying to unlock it when it stopped completely. When I go into the device manager this device visiontek 3g usb modem is showing as other devices. The driver is also not updating with Windows Update and its device ID is USB\VID_2077&PID_A000&REV_0000. Can anyone provide me its driver so that I can use it again. Thanks

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