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Thread: Tab button present on my Asus eee 901 pc is permanently on

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    Tab button present on my Asus eee 901 pc is permanently on

    Well I have bought an Asus eee laptop for myself which has been used by someone before. Itís the 12GB XP got the standard Home on the 4 GB and Professional on the 8 GB. It was working perfectly fine since I bought it but from past 2 days I am having problem with the tab key button which is present on the laptop. It is permanently switched on. Whenever I switch on my laptop the tab button is seen flicking around all the icons present on the desktop. To stop it from flicking I need to press ctrl+Del+alt button together and open the task manager. Only after that the problem gets resolved but just temporarily. Please tell me what could be the problem and how shall I resolve it.

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    Re: Tab button present on my Asus eee 901 pc is permanently on

    Well this problem has been faced by many people. I too had this problem. I didnít understand anything and straight away formatted my laptop after getting frustrated. But my problem had got resolved and that thing has never happened with me till now luckily. What operating system are you using? Try to install a new os and then I am sure this problem will go off until and unless is itís not a hardware problem.

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    Re: Tab button present on my Asus eee 901 pc is permanently on

    Well it could be some software issue or may be some hardware failure like your key might have got damaged. of its the software issue then try to download the utilities drivers for eee 901 pc first. you must be having a hard copy of the drivers on your system but if you don't have them then downlaod it from the website and get it installed. first make sure that you uninstall the drivers before installing again.Have you pressed the tab button hardly many a times or may be it has been roughly used by the person from whom you have got the laptop. If its hardware damage then you need to go to the Asus service center and get it correct.

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    Re: Tab button present on my Asus eee 901 pc is permanently on

    I think if itís not a software issue then you need to take the keyboard out of the laptop and check. There have been many complaints regarding the Asus keyboard. Check the firewall and the antivirus installed. You can also just remove the tab key by following the instructions from the internet or from the manual. I hope trying all this methods your tab works fine.

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