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Thread: How to upgrade my Eee pc 900?

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    How to upgrade my Eee pc 900?

    From last 4 years, I m still using Eee pc 900. It works normally, but for the some applications itís performance goes down. Now I want to upgrade it, but I am not sure that will it work with hard drive, SSD, or internal card reader? Also I want to upgrade my ram to 4GB. I want ideas about the RAMs, which type of RAM should I use? Is there is any category of RAM to use in Eee pc 900? I want suggestions over here.

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    Re: How to upgrade my Eee pc 900?

    Hey, you are using Eee pc 900, from the last 4 years. Now if you want to promote it then you can upgrade your Eee pc 900 with the latest version of the software. If you donít want to do the expensive upgrades, then I will put forward you to go with the Tiny Core Linux. Tiny Core Linux is the small Linux GUI (Graphical User Interface).it will help your RAM to boot very fast. You will have the complete control over the application which will run in the system.

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    Re: How to upgrade my Eee pc 900?

    You want to make advance your Eee pc 900, and you are looking for any new hard drive, SSD, or for the internal card reader then I will advise you to go for the SSD. SSD include flash storage media, USB drivers. Which will provide good performance to the Eee pc 900. It is pretty simple to install a new SSD to your computer. You had to copy the files to the new drive, swap the drives, and reboot it. It will cause your computer to work frequently ant consistently.

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    Re: How to upgrade my Eee pc 900?

    you can upgrade your Eee pc 900 with the hard drive, SSD, or with the internal card reader. But enhanced will be with SSD. And if you are going to use the Tiny Core Linux then performance of your computer will quick. Also you had decided to upgrade your RAM upto 4GB. I will advise here that there is no need for the 4GB RAM, if you are going to use 2GB then it will also perform faster . If still you are going for the 4GB, then it will be waste of money. You can save money bye using 2GB of RAM.

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