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Thread: Photography tips for Nokia mobiles

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    Photography tips for Nokia mobiles

    Hello guys, as I am posting this thread for the ones who had doubt with the camera gotten with the Nokia mobile but have some problem of doubt, or dissatisfaction. But I would no need to worry more as I have some quick tips that you can follow while capturing the moments, and that’s ok with the person who already have a good camera in your phone but the user who has a camera with 5 Mega pixel or below than that can follow this instructions to capture the pix more effectively.

    I have also seen some of the people as they have very good camera having enough mega pixels, good flash light support, innovative optics and sensors, but still they are not able to capture the good images as they are expecting.

    TIPS :

    • See guys you should always use the settings that you have got for the camera, because wherever you got the mobile it comes with a default settings, and because of that only we cannot capture good images. OK if suppose I consider the N97, in that there are too many setting such as you can set the type of images as normal image, or with a greyscale effect or the sepia effect.

    • Though you have a flash light on your phone, turn it off while capturing the pictures in the daylight.

    • Always use different modes while capturing the images as if you set it to automatic it will capture the images that way.

    • If possible always set the Brightness and the contrast according to the environment. Because in automatic mode it will not get that best effect that you are expecting.

    • With this, if suppose you are about to capture the small things and you want to make focus on that you should make use of Macro Mode, because Shooting smaller objects and placing them into extra focus with fuzzy background is best for a macro mode.

    • Utilize the User defined approach to stay away from setting up often.

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    Re: Photography tips for Nokia mobiles

    This was just while capturing the images, but you must have got the Editing feature as in your phone. That means if suppose you are not very much familiar with the on shooting setting you can make use the editor as well. And the benefit with this approach would be like you won’t have to worry about the pictures as you have already taken and now just editing is remain. You can manually set the contrast and brightness of the pictures, or can change the type of the pictures, and adding the frames and the clipart is also possible with the phone to enhance the pictures as much as possible.

    But the only disadvantage with this approach is like you cannot edit the videos this way, and for that you need to make settings before capturing it. but changing the setting according to the environment will shoot the best videos as well, and the phones which doesn’t have the capability to capture the videos with 30 FPS should not move the camera as frequently as this may cause the blurry effect.

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