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Thread: How to connect to PSN and XBLA through Nokia phone ?

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    How to connect to PSN and XBLA through Nokia phone ?

    Hi, I have seen that the Mobile Broadband are the thing that run on mobile signals and the niche mobile phones attempt to attach to 3G Data services while making calls and surfing the internet on the phone, that’s actually similar data service that Mobile Broadband users utilizes.

    So guys you might have been thinking that what’s new In this, isn’t it? But the new thing that I have got with this is like we can connect to Xbox live and Play station Network via Mobile Phone or by a USB Broadband dongle as well.

    And for that I have made a little guide through which you can connect to that services through your Nokia devices with OVI Suite software. Since it appear unfeasible, but it works rather well.

    • Before starting you need to have :

    1. Windows Vista or windows 7 or below OS
    2. A Xbox 360 Console
    3. A Nokia Mobile Phone with USB Modem Function, such as E63, Nokia X3-02, N8.
    4. Nokia PC Suite or OVI Suite
    5. Nokia USB Cable
    6. Standard RJ-45 Ethernet Cable.

    • The Connection Settings either on PC Laptop or Netbook.

    1. First of all you have to Install Nokia PC Suite or OVI Suite in your PC, and if you already have that’s well and good.
    2. As you install the software on your PC attach Nokia phone to PC and install extra components, that would be download via Windows Update automatically if needed.
    3. Now you have to access the control panel and in that click on the Network & Internet, and clicking that a window will appear so from that select Network & Sharing Center and Click on Nokia USB Modem Connection.
    4. You need to reach at the sharing tab that you’ll get under the Property windows.
    5. Mark the checkbox saying “Allow Other Network Users to Connect Through This Computers Internet Connection” after doing this beneath “Home Networking Connection” you’ll get option to select Local Area Connection after that tick OK.
    6. Now you have to connect the mobile to the internet VIA the OVI suite.

    • Now connecting PS3 to PSN:

    1. As I have mentioned you need to have the Ethernet cable as well so now its time to connect the Ethernet cable from the Playstation 3 to the PC
    2. Now you have to make some settings in the PS3 as well so go to Settings >> System Settings >> Network Settings >>Internet Connection Settings, here you have to set the connection to Ethernet and carry on with the test finally it will say the testing has been finished and the connection was successfully made.
    3. Now Sign in to Play station Network as normal, and you are ready to go.

    • Connecting The Xbox 360 to Xbox Live :
    1. Here also first of all you need to connect the console with the Ethernet cable and make setting as we have done for the PS3, here there are some changes.
    2. With The Xbox 360 System Settings select Network Settings under that select Test Xbox Live Connection be patient as it’ll acquire some minutes you’ll get the message on the screen as Xbox Live Is Up & Running.
    3. Now Sign in and access the account.

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    Re: How to connect to PSN and XBLA through Nokia phone ?

    Hey thanks for the trick that you have mentioned, i have tried this for myself, and working very fine, in fact no need to connect through the console every time rather we can simply connect it with the help of mobile only, but still it need a good internet connection, such as 3G or WIFI, or else its quite difficult.

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