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Thread: Simple way to Update Firmware on All Nokia Mobiles

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    Simple way to Update Firmware on All Nokia Mobiles

    Hi, I am posting this thread because I have seen many people’s have problem with updating the firmware of their mobile phones, so I thought to place a very good step by step solution to this, through which any user can update the firmware of their phone within sometime without even visit the service center. So for doing that you guys need to follow this steps mentioned below.

    See first of all you should have all the various component rather I would say the needed things for updating the firmware, you must have to have a Nokia data cable, PC along with the internet connection, and the new Nokia software updater tool for Nokia mobiles. If you have any you can make use of that as well, otherwise you can download the Software Updater from Here. Once done, follow these simple steps:

    Installing Software Updater and Updating Nokia Firmware

    • Install the Nokia Software Updater in your computer, and be patient as this may take few minutes for doing this. As the software gets installed in your machine you need to connect the phone to the PC with the data cable that you have gotten with the mobile phone. But before that you need to perform some of the steps with the phone as well.

      • Make backup of all the contents stored in the phone as well as in the SIM card.

      • After doing this make sure the phone is charged 50% at least, because whenever the process gets started it will reboot the phone several times.

      • (Optional) After doing this you need to make hard reset to your phone, because if suppose there would be any vulnerability in the previous software so that would be vanished at all. You can make use of the code. Use Hard Reset Code [*#7370#].

    • As you’ll connect the mobile to the PC the software would detect the phone, but after that from the given menu you need to browse you phone. There would be List of many mobiles, as from series S40 to S60.

    • As you select the phone the software will find the update for the particular phone that you have connected to the PC, and will make sure whether any software is available or not, if there would be any then it will be displayed on the screen.

      • (In the image you can see the Mobile selected as N96 and you can see the current version and the available update both are mentioned)

    • You just need to follow the steps which is the mentioned in the process and then last select the update button, this will start updating the phone’s software, and will take maximum 30 minutes or less than that according to the type internet connection you are using.

    • And after that you can see that the phone’s software is been updated and you’ll get all the new features included in the firmware. For seeing the current version you need to enter *#0000#.

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    FOTA (Firmware over the air) for Symbian 40 and S60v5.

    See guys you can have another option as well for updating the phone firmware but let me tell you that this will work with the new phones only, because previous models don’t have option to use this facility to the phone, this kind of updates are called as Firmware over the air (FOTA). Firmware over-the-air is the easiest way to get the most recent firmware onto Nokia device. The most important benefit of this technique is like, it doesn’t need a desktop computer at all for updating the firmware.

    For updating the software you can follow the below steps.

    • For checking the current software version enter *#0000# on the home screen of your device, after that the current version of the device would be displayed on your screen and on the left bottom side you’ll get the option as ‘check for updates’, you have to clicked that option, after doing that the phone will search for the update, and if there is any firmware available the phone will download it automatically and will install in your mobile.

    NOTE : I have seen in many of the models that they don’t get any option after entering the code, so or those you need to go follow this steps.

    • First of all open the settings from the menu

    • Enter in to the phone setting, and in that you’ll get the option for software update, and after clicking that it will find the software first and will install in the phone you have.

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