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Thread: 3d support in dell l401x laptop

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    3d support in dell l401x laptop

    I have recently bought a new dell xps l401x laptop. I bought it for around 55ooo Indian price and from a authorized dealer. my main reason for buying this laptop was because I had heard itís a 3d laptop and it supports 3d movies and 3d gaming. I donít have much knowledge about the computers and about my new dell xps l401x laptop. I donít know how to watch 3d movies in it and play games. how do I activate it and start the 3d facility in my laptop. Does it support 3d. kindly suggest !

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    Re: 3d support in dell l401x laptop

    Well as far as I know that this laptop dell XPS l401x is a latest and high performance gaming and multimedia Laptop. yes it is 3D laptop. You can watch 3d movies on it and play 3d games. It has a 1GB Nvidia Graphics Card (GT420M/425M). you can watch 3d movies using Built-in TV Tuner Card. You can ask the dealer from whom you bought this laptop to give a demo and explain it to you properly. I hope my this suggestion would help you to get the idea of how to watch and play 3d movies and games respectively. Thank you .

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    Re: 3d support in dell l401x laptop

    My advice to you would be that go to the dell site and enter your product name with model number and other information and try to get the idea of the features. As far as I know dell XPS l401x supports 3d gaming. you can go to the official site of dell and look for it. You can also read the manual carefully that was provided to you with the system. It could be possible that u may not have the manual because dell have now stopped providing manual. Kindly follow it and you might be able to access the 3d movies and games.

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    Re: 3d support in dell l401x laptop

    You have probably bought a right laptop according to me. Dell XPS l401x has the facility of connecting the computer to the tv and watch 3d movies in the television. dell XPS has 3d capabilities which allows you to watch 3d movies and 3d games. kindly check the manual available with your laptop. Not all dell laptops have 3d support capability only few models have them. Make sure that you have entered the right model number of your laptop. thank you

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