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Thread: Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

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    Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

    Hello I am looking for the mobile for me. I have searched the internet and I have decided to purchase the Samsung FIT (or) LG One. I have tried to get some of the features and function of these mobile but I didnít get the info. Can anyone suggest me what are the features function of the both these mobile. I also want to know which phone is upgradable to android 2.3. Can anyone help on this issue and so that I can solve mien issue.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

    The LG Optimus One have 3.2Ē capacitive touchscreen is noticeably essential as spec, but average in terms of daylight visibility, survey points and responsiveness. The shade extent and complexity might be more extensive, but at this cost indicate, relinquishes are inexorable. The adjusted configuration, with excellent soft-touch covering front and back make the LG Optimus One a joy to keep. The chrome-such as bezel, and the hoisted plate for the several most unbelievably utilized Android catches in the front; join simply the grain of energy needed to make the handset stand out in the ocean of Android outline unremarkable.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

    The Samsung Galaxy FIT have 3.3-creep capacitive screen with a determination of 240 x 320, which guarantees that the parts on the screen don't look absolutely fabulous. Further, we were all around satisfied with the survey edges of this telephone, and its screen visibility under the sun is nothing to grimace about either. Besides, the responsiveness of the capacitive screen is precisely what it might as well be, i.e. absolutely exceptional.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

    The LG Optimus One looks and feels very contemporary. There is soft-touch covering encompassing the telephone, intruded on just by the four decent, clickable Android binds beneath the 3.2Ē screen, the 3MP camera on the back, and the chrome-such as bezel. The metallic edge is flimsy around the top, and extends in the bottom part. The volume rocker on the right side and the lock/power catch at the top are planned to be a part of the dainty cream accordingly difficult to recognize and press.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

    On the front side the Samsung Galaxy FIT has one physical catch at the inside, which looks a parcel such as C.E-cushion. In any case, itís not C.E-cushion-as a matter of fact, its sole works is to take you to the home screen and to carry the undertaking administrator (when an extended press). On the alternate and right of the physical bind are positioned a few touch touchy ones (menu and back separately).

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

    Initially impressions of the Optimus One are fairly great, notwithstanding the eagerness-sapping flat dark piece plan. The telephone feels robust, charmingly huge and well made, with a to a limited extent rubbery snap-on back blanket giving you a small added grasp. Adjusted in the hand, itís the ideal size and layout for one-gave utilize.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy FIT VS LG Optimus One

    On the upper right side of the Samsung Galaxy FIT lives the capacity bind, while on the top side are the microUSB port and the 3.5mm headphone jack. On the alternate are the volume rocker and the microSD space. The 5MP zoom lens is on the back, but unfortunately a committed picture clicker bind is not incorporated.

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