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Thread: Does the HP Touchpad have GPS

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    Does the HP Touchpad have GPS

    Anyone have any idea about hps new touchpad? I just newly heard about this and see some images of that. Its looks really nice and I like it too. Ok, so, I am here to know about the GPS in the HP Touchpad. Anyone knows about this or anyone heard about this? Does the HP Touchpad have GPS? I tried to search this on many site but cant get any hints or any information about this. Even I also go through some reviews but nowhere had I found about this. So please if anyone has any idea about GPS or any other useful information than please provide me.

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    Re: Does the HP Touchpad have GPS

    HP joins the world of tablets with a new device that aims to conquer much of this market. His name is HP Touchpad webOS and as you can see from the pictures, it is aesthetically very similar tablet to iPhone from Apple, which has very good technology and also has behind him a very good company that makes technology products. It also incorporates Snapdragon processor 1.2 GHz dual-cores APQ8060, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and Wi-Fi. They may purchase optional A-GPS and 3G connectivity.

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    Re: Does the HP Touchpad have GPS

    It has a virtual QWERTY keyboard, Microsoft Exchange email with Microsoft Direct Push expertise IMAP. IM and SMS services included, sustains Flash and multitasking. It as well has GPS, light sensor, magnetometer and gyroscope. The dimensions of this new tablet are 240mm x 190mm x 13.7 mm and weight is 740 gr. HP Touchpad hit the market somewhere in the third quarter. The first version of HP Touchpad it reaches the market is the Wi-Fi version, and not until some months later when it launched the 3G version with GPS.

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    Re: Does the HP Touchpad have GPS

    The tablet will come in two versions at the time of its release The model with storage capacity of 16 GB will price $ 499, when HP will present a 32GB model and price will be $ 599. Later this year, HP will present a model to maintain mobile broadband network AT & T. There have been no statements about whether it will be a 3G or 4G model, but the executive spec sheet states a 3G model with A-GPS expertise.

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