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Thread: Compatible video formats for Sony iTv

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    Compatible video formats for Sony iTv

    When I can get the Sony iTv player that can incorporate with the applications or the other codecs that allow playing multiple format video files? That is I can it play the avi files and mpeg files. I have taken many of the family videos that are in the format of avi and mpeg. When I brought the Sony iTv I was informed that it is compatible with all the formats. But now when I searched on the website I found that is not the case. I purchased this device as it can support all the formats. So kindly help me out to solve this issue.

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    Re: Compatible video formats for Sony iTv

    I have come across this problem few months back. So I contacted the sales person from where I had purchased the iTv. They told me that there are only few formats that support the iTv and they are, AAC, H.264, MP3, JPG, GIF and PNG. Are you able to play the video and audio files that stored in the External drive? You can use the Media Player application from the menu of application and select the format that is MP4, MP3 and ACC files.

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    Re: Compatible video formats for Sony iTv

    It can support the Quick Time, MJPEG, and AVCHD Lite which are all the Digital Video Format supportable. And the image format must be of JPEG. The resolution of the video must be a maximum of 1280 x 720. This formats that are compatible with the internet TV. So see that you have these entire file formats supportable. If no then you need to convert your video files into the supportable file formats for the iTv.

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    Re: Compatible video formats for Sony iTv

    I have seen that many of the applications and settings are in the hand of Google. And they say that there are many reasons for the issue that is having in the iTv. There are some companies that are sharing the responsibilities along with the Google. As, google is not in contacted with the customers directly. And it seems that Sony does not have the control for the media player application. So this is not the Sony who is to be blamed but the one who is managing the media player application

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