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Thread: How to hard reset Alcatel OT-710

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    How to hard reset Alcatel OT-710

    I am using an Alcatel OT-710 smartphone and I want to do a hard reset because the phone is locked now. I tried to pull out the sim card and insert it again but when I start the phone then it tells me that it is locked. I have already tried to search for a solution on the internet but nothing is working for me? So, if anyone has some solution on how to hard reset this phone then please let me know. Thanks

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    Re: How to hard reset Alcatel OT-710

    It is very easy to do a factory reset on Alcatel OT-710 smartphone. All you need to do is go to your Phone Menu and then go to Settings and then select Restore Factory settings, thats it. But you should also make sure to back up your important files and contacts because once you have done the factory reset in your phone then all your data will be lost, for example, pictures, contacts, ringtones, etc; everything will be lost.

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    Re: How to hard reset Alcatel OT-710

    To do a hard reset in your Alcatel OT-710 mobile phone you have to first switch of your phone. After that press the Volume Down key and Power button togeter and then press the send button as well. After doing this your phone will automatically start to hard reset and if there are any lock codes on your phone then it will be reverted to default settings. Hope this helps.

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    There is also another way of doing a hard reset in your phone. To do this first turn of your device and then long press the "#" key and the power button together at the same time. Wait for some seconds to see a display on the phone screen saying that "All data will be lost, Continue" and then release the button and select Yes from the option. Now your phone will be formatted to factory default.

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