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Thread: Can rooting damage my Motorola Droid?

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    Can rooting damage my Motorola Droid?

    Hi last month I brought a new Motorola Droid phone, that was functioning completely well till last week but since last week it started causing a few troubles, many of the applications were not functioning properly. I tried restarting my phone but even after restarting the phone it did not work properly as then I thought of rooting my phone assuming that it will make my phone work properly. But I have a doubt that it can cause damage to my phone! SO I wanted to ask you guys about it before rooting it.

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    Re: Can rooting damage my Motorola Droid?

    Hi even I am wondering that does rooting affects the cell phone as even I am having some issues with my HTC Desire as many of the functions are not working properly on my cell phone and even my phone has become quite slow and want to root it, but I am afraid to do so as I have heard from many people that rooting can damage the phone! Is that true?

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    Re: Can rooting damage my Motorola Droid?

    Rooting can be very good if you are aware of what you are doing, as it can turn your phone from average condition to an awesome condition if you do it right way where as it can even turn your phone in a bad condition if you not do it properly. As once I had not rooted my cell phone and had ended up making my cell phone in a worst condition, so I would suggest you to root it but follow proper instructions before doing it.

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    Re: Can rooting damage my Motorola Droid?

    As far as I know rooting does hold risk as it can damage your phone and can turn your phone into a bad condition, as well as it is said that rooting a phone avoids the manufacturing warranty. So if you are willing to take such risks you can go for rooting. I personally wonít suggest anyone to go for rooting as it doesnít make a much difference instead itís better to update your cell other than rooting.

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    Re: Can rooting damage my Motorola Droid?

    I certainly donít think that rooting has any kind of risk that can damage your phone in fact rooting gives you great 'admin' controls on your phone. The risk of getting your phone damaged arises while you try to remove the security off your phone through which you can flash a custom recovery. I have rooted my HTC phone many a times and it seems to be very much risk free to me. You can defiantly try rooting your cell phone.

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