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Thread: Data Carrier Nokia E7

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    Data Carrier Nokia E7

    Well few days passed I have bought my new Nokia E7. While setting up the email/ internet I am unsure whether my Nokia E7 is using the Wifi connection or the mobile network connection for data transmission. My Nokia E7 does not does not automatically connect to my home network. It seems that my E7 is default connect to the mobile network using up all data allowance and needs to be manually connected to home network even after it wakes from sleep. Please help me, I want it to default connect to the Wifi, also ask before connecting via the phone network to avoid unwanted usage.

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    re: Data Carrier Nokia E7

    After reading your question it doesnít seem to be a big issue. Donít worry! Just follow the settings step by step as I recommend to you. Go to settings then go to connectivity, in that got to settings. After that go to the Destination option, in that go to Internet. After going, then long hold the Access point. Itís important that you long press. After long press on the Access point, chose Ďchange priorityí and set WIFI to the priority 1. Then your phone will always try to connect to your Wifi before connecting any other connection. You problem will be solved and you wonít face it again. Just remember the settings so that you can perform if it is required.

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    re: Data Carrier Nokia E7

    Your Nokia E7 problem has not been solved? Then you have to do some setting changes. Keep doing step wise as I suggest you. First go to the setting option from menu he in that go to connectivity. After selecting connectivity, in that select settings. There you will find four options that is Switch to Wlan, Data use in home country, Data use when abroad and Destination. Select Data use in home country option, in that you will find sub options from that you select Wlan only. Then select the third option Data use when abroad, in that select Always ask option. Your problem will be solved.

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    re: Data Carrier Nokia E7

    I think the Last and final left option with you is to go to the Nokia Care for solving this problem. You must have accidently changed some settings. I think there might be some advanced settings for your Nokia E7 which can be easily provided to you by Nokia care itself. Donít try unnecessary things on your Nokia E7 because this can harm settings for other things. Going to Nokia care will be the best think you can do. Before visiting check whether your mobile is in warranty or not because charges may apply.

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