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Thread: How to format Nokia E72?

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    How to format Nokia E72?

    Hello friend I have got Nokia E72 and I require a help regarding this so I have some problem with my cell phone like its working slow I think some virus problem, I just want to know what is the code for formatting nokia E72 and can anyone have any other idea to format it any ideas any clues would be appreciated hope you guys help me out with this? I also want to know what can be the reason for my cell phone been slow and would formatting my phone solve my problem?

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    Re: How to format Nokia E72?

    Hello dear well phone not responding quick or getting stuck have some reason like the memory must be fully loaded ya it may be an virus problem other then this I think you need to update you software to may this solve you problem. Well I know some code for this cell phone let me share it with you I really hope this would work with you soft reset *#7370# and then the default code 12345 id you havenít changed it before and this would empty your phone and yes please donít forget to back up your contacts. BEST of luck hope I have helped you.

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    Re: How to format Nokia E72?

    I had this phone and I to got this slow working problem I donít know if yours is related with virus or no but yes it can be the case but in my cell I had this problem when I downloaded some softwares from OVI store my phone started getting stuck sometime and many problem I was fed-up of this when I used the same code and yes my problem was solved the code was *#7370# and then the default code 12345 or 00000 am sure this would be helping you out try it out.

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    Re: How to format Nokia E72?

    Well are you sure if you format your phone you wonít have any problem again it may also be a problem with the SD card you have been using you got to format both if you want to get rid of it. I think before doing all this why donít you try this switch of your phone remove your battery keep it separated for 5 min and then again reboot and then see if it make change to it. And if not I think you can try this code dial *#7780# hope this would help you this would reset your phone to factory setting and also format your memory card and I think you are done.

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    Re: How to format Nokia E72?

    Dear I have a detailed solution about complete codeís working in Nokia phone letís see if you are helped by any of it, I think virus may be the problem also do forget your SD card.
    #06# IMEI number, Hardware phone serial number
    #0000# Display software version, Language set, Model (E72 1,2 or3), Type (RM-XXX). To check software updates Options-> Check for Updates
    #92702689# Total call time
    #62209526# Wireless MAC Address
    #2820# Bluetooth address,#7780# Factory Reset,#7370# Format phone Ė Be careful, all data on the phone will be deleted.
    Hopefully I have helped you sort out your problem

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    Re: How to format Nokia E72?

    First format your micro SD card empty your card to certain limit do restore factory to your cell phone with *#7780#with12345 following it this is a default value and if you would have ever changed it then it would be different yes it can also be 00000 I think this would help you out. Insert your cell phone to pc with usb an update your software with pc suit am sure this will solve your problem out this is not a big problem at all this is as issue with every cell phone and this solution is the only solution for all cell phones.

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