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Thread: Can I use super one click on Xperia Mini Pro

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    Can I use super one click on Xperia Mini Pro

    I am using Xperia Mini Pro. I want to root this phone. I want to know whether is it possible to root this device with Superone click. I am not able to find any proper solution. I want to move all the apps from the phone storage to memory card and for that I will have to root the device. I am not sure about any other procedure for doing this. Is there anyone who has able to use Superone Click.

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    You must remember that rooting will cause warranty void. Once you root you won't receive any support for that. So do this on your risk. And you can do that through Super One Click. Just install this and connect the phone in recovery mode. Hit the root button and done. You will be able to do changes in the phone as per your need. This is the most easiest way to root the device. If you face any error then post back.

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    Just download and install the app in your pc. Then enable usb debugging in Sony Xperia Mini Pro. After that connect the phone to your pc through usb cable. Once done click on Root now. That's it. You can then backup all the rom in the device. Instead of app2SD you can use Titanium Backup Pro. This tool is more better when you want to backup the entire rom. You can then use this for restoration.

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