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Thread: Audio not working on chromebook CR - 48

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    Audio not working on chromebook CR - 48

    I have a CR Ė 48 and in that I am running chrome OS, and it was working perfectly but When I close the lid and open it the audio on the system stops working correctly I hear nothing from the speakers. And whenever it happens I use to reboot my machine and these fix the problem, and again after sometimes it stops working. For these I have visited many forums for such similar problem but haven't seen anyone else, thus I am just little bit scared, is there any hardware damaged in my system? Need suggestion.

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    Re: Audio not working on chromebook CR - 48

    As you have mentioned that it might be the hardware cause, I would say I am not sure but yeah this might be, but before that I would like to give you some suggestion that you can apply for testing the hardware and the software as well. See you should try to check your audio card in the other machine, as this might be possible that it wonít work in your system but in other system it works perfectly, but if suppose didnít worked, then probably this might be because of that card only, otherwise you wonít have to worry about this, because this would be minor problem only.

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    Re: Audio not working on chromebook CR - 48

    Have seen the music icon while putting it in the sleep mode? Because it might be possible that whenever you put it in the sleep it gets mute, and thus you are not getting the sound, I know this is minor one but you should try this also. I would suggest you that together with this you should check all the minor possibilities regarding the audio. Or might be this is because of the pulse. I would say you should disable pulse through Configuring the notebook, and then reboot it, I hope this would work.

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    Re: Audio not working on chromebook CR - 48

    I would suggest you that you should try to install the audio drivers in the system before taking any major action, because I have seen many people having this kind of problems, and they didnít check any such possibility and just does the unnecessary action, thus first of all you should uninstall the current driver that you have and install the new one and then test the same. I hope this would surely work.

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    Re: Audio not working on chromebook CR - 48

    This is due to the operating system also, I mean to say, I have seen many people that had the same problem, and I am sure about this, if you have the 4GB of RAM and the 64 bit windows 7 then this is going to happens sometimes, I havenít seen this problem in the 32 bit windows or the machine that contains lesser RAM. thus according to me you should download the latest drivers according to the operating system, that will contain some of the setting for this lid also, i am not sure but hoping the best.

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