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Thread: Need to figure out how to do a mass email delete

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    Need to figure out how to do a mass email delete

    I just bought a new iPhone. I liked this phone very much and it has amazing features. But one day I was messing with my iPhone and the accident, when in the inbox so, I swiped from left to right on the edit button and highlighted each message for deletion. I have no idea what would happen if the press is because they do not want to lose all my messages. I need them. So is there any way to do so?

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    Re: Need to figure out how to do a mass email delete

    You can refer to the guidebook. On page 47 of the iPhone User Guide says: Delete a message and to open the message and tap. You can also delete a message directly from the list of mail messages slide left or right on the message title and then click Delete. Or you can click on Edit and press [red circle with a minus sign blank] with a message. The third option allows you to choose which messages to delete in bulk.

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    Re: Need to figure out how to do a mass email delete

    I am not sure if anyone noticed this yet, but I found itís a way to eliminate all and for this go to your inbox. Then click Edit to select the first message then hold your finger on it and then while holding your finger on the free press delete selected message's finger clear message that is then a delete all / cancel box appears. This will definitely help you just try it and check it out. All the best!

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    Re: Need to figure out how to do a mass email delete

    Even I have the iPhone and itís amazing. You know I had the same issue. The only way I found to get all my emails deleted from my iphone went into my email account and deletes them from there. Returning to his email on your iPhone upgrade and should disappear. Just make sure you delete all folders otherwise you will have them on your iPhone. I hope this works out for you just check it.

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    Re: Need to figure out how to do a mass email delete

    Well I donít know anything about this because I donít have an iPhone. I would prefer you to ask someone who has got an iPhone and who had tried this thing before. You can also visit to the appleís official website and post your query there. They will definitely provide a solution to you within few hours. Thus I think this will surely help you but at least have a try. I hope I am able to help you.

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