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Thread: Send messages to PS3 from a PC

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    Send messages to PS3 from a PC

    I have a computer and a PS3 both are connected to internet. Now both the systems are online always or most of the times. What my intention now is, is it possible for me to send a message from my computer or from any computer to PS3 by the use of PS3 website if it is connected to the internet. When I am at office my brother usually playing on PS3 at home. So if whatever message I want to give him I have to call him but he doesnít pick call because he is busy in playing games. So it would be helpful if it is possible for me to send a message directly to his PS3 from my computer.

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    Re: Send messages to PS3 from a PC

    As far as I know that there is no way to send or receive messages in your PS3 which was sent from the computer. Even if you use internet I donít think that there will be any kind of software or feature to send or receive messaged in PS3. However in the lease possibility the barely way to send a individual a message is if you have them put in your ps3 like a friend, send a message all the way through the alternative to mail message.

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    Re: Send messages to PS3 from a PC

    I think that you might be necessary to update the system firmware.
    You can make and send messages to citizens who encompass online IDs registered for employ with PlayStation Network. You should be signed in toward PlayStation Network to create and send messages.
    • Choose (Friends) > (Message Box).
    • Choose (Create Message).
    • Choose [To:].
    • choose [pick from Friends], otherwise choose [Enter Online ID] in which case you will require to type within the online ID of the individual whom you would like to send to.
    • Type a message, and after that pick [Send].
    • Your memo is sent. You can verify the messages that you sent underneath (Friends) > (Message Box) > (Sent).

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    Re: Send messages to PS3 from a PC

    There are several restriction to send message from computer to PS3.
    • You cannot send otherwise receive messages by the use of normal e-mail addresses.
    • An online ID is formed while you sign up intended for PlayStation Network. Previous to sending a message, inquire the individual you would like to send a message to mean for his otherwise her online ID.
    • You can go into up to 18 characters inside a title and equal to 512 characters inside the body of a message.
    • You can make use of emoticons by choosing from the keyboard while generating a message.
    • You can save equal to 200 sent messages. Following you attain this boundary, your oldest message will be automatically deleted every time you launch a latest message.

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    Re: Send messages to PS3 from a PC

    I think that there could be slight possibility. As far I know that the PS3 as its own inbuilt browser. If am true then it will really allow you browse any webpages and allow web based chat system. If then it is easy for you to do anything via that browser. You donít need to download any special software or update for PS3. There are plenty of web browser chat or email client available which you can use to check mail.

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    Re: Send messages to PS3 from a PC

    As you know that you can access the Playstation account from your PS3. if this is possible then i think that you can use the other service also by using the PS3. However my best option is connect your PS3 to a computer and set up a media server to transfer media files and other things. After that you can access your computer from PS3 and may be other services also like email client and something more.

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