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Thread: Does PS3 have Flac support?

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    Does PS3 have Flac support?

    Hey guys, I am playing music on my Psp3 for a few months now, I had a query in my mind so thought I should clear it out here. Does somebody know where the official feature appeal section is for PS3? I want to demand Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) support. I enclosed and ripped my entire CD collection to FLAC (And mind you that this is not a pirate format) and want to play them all the way through the PS3. If Sony wants a world leading media hub, they should well then support lossless which off course beats any form of Mp3 in terms of quality.

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    Re: Does PS3 have Flac support?

    I have the same opinion that it would be nice for Sony to create and support lossless formats although. I have my complete CD library ripped to lossless for archiving intention only. I use moreover the Lame mp3,or sometimes even Nero AAC, or iTunes when I am on my phone, AAC audio formats for portable listening, for listening all the way through my computer, my and the PS3 itself.

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    Re: Does PS3 have Flac support?

    I extremely mistrust that the Sony is going to append FLAC any time immediately. FLAC is theoretically better than the formats like mp3 and AAC as it is lossless while those other formats are lousy. On the other hand, there is a huge distinction between being theoretically superior and being audibly superior. Do some blind ABX tests by means of the Lame mp3 encoder and you will discover it to be quite appropriate even at the ~160kbps VBR bitrates. If you have previously done some true blind ABX tests via software and your best set of headphones then I would like to see the outcome. Until then, all audibly superior claims will be counted as nil.

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    Re: Does PS3 have Flac support?

    Hi guys, I think there is no need for waiting for Sony Company to do that .There is any need to wait for Sony to do it. We all know they donít think about our requirements. Well I have invented a new way to do that Here is how you can do it you donít need for P3 media server or Tversity or any other software to do that. First Install CFW 3.55 KMEAW after that Install Slideshow package and then Enjoy FLAC, OGG, AVI, subtitles, MKV (up to 720p) directly from your PS3 I have already tried it and it works.

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    Re: Does PS3 have Flac support?

    It would still be remarkable for Sony to put in FLAC support for this format on the next firmware update. WAV's are enormous, but too outsized, and doubling-up files to listen on a new system is not an well-organized use of storage space. A sweeping statement, but I would assume that nearly everyone who back up their music collections do so in FLAC format today. Anyone saying that there is no audible variation between FLAC and MP3 needs to try a sound test on a nice system. The divergence is like a night and a day.

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    Re: Does PS3 have Flac support?

    There is not a dissimilarity between having accurate CD quality and professed CD eminence. Show me some blind ABX test consequences and I might take you gravely. Until then, places like Hydrogen audio have already proven that lousy is more superior when it comes to making good, digital copies of your music at the same time as lossless should be used for archiving intention only. Having a ideal archive does not mean that you have to play it. The archive ought to be used as a backup and for future transposing only.

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    Re: Does PS3 have Flac support?

    This is for all those who think that FLAC cannot be transformed to WMA lossless. For folks who would like to have compacted lossless audio on the ps3, like win amp has a format converter, I still agree that Flac should have sustain on ps3 since there is nill licensing fees for flac. It would be actually great to have support to this Codec. Furthermore I would care for to have Ogg grasp up. But FLAC would be most important to me.

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