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Thread: Install gentoo on my netbook

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    Install gentoo on my netbook

    Hello friend, recently I installed the Ubuntu operating system and now I want to install the gentoo OS on this system. If anyone knows the exact step by step process then please inform me. I want to install this Gentoo software on the system. I hope someone have reply about this post. I've already installed the iso image onto my usb drive. After that I did the booted up task from my usb drive. Then it loaded but when I turned off the computer and removed the usb it reverted back to ubuntu. Can anyone help me to install gentoo?

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    Re: Install gentoo on my netbook

    This is not the proper way to install the gentoo OS on the system. First you need to burn the ISO in releases/x86/current-iso/ CD and boot it. Then you need to load the required modules of the gentoo. After that there is necessary to Configuration of the Network. Then connect to your new box over Ssh devices. Then Use fdisk or cfdisk to create partition and then set the Stage such as date, time, host name and domain name. Then configure the system bootloader. Finally reboot the system and Log in as root. This will be the proper way of the installations.

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    Re: Install gentoo on my netbook

    New user who have doesn’t knowledge about the Gentoo can use this quick install process. This is the easiest way of the installation. Also other way to install Gentoo and this is sysrescuecd. It is based on Gentoo and it is the Live CD which is helpful for the installation of the gentoo Linux operating system. The Mozilla Firefox has provided this opportunity to install the Gentoo Linux on the system. It helps to browse Gentoo docs and then also helpful to install the setup files of the Gentoo.

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    Re: Install gentoo on my netbook

    Gentoo will not install by itself. The Linux has to be provides the facility to install the Gentoo OS on the system. The Gentoo has to be provides the tools to build your own Linux. This Linux ahs also called as Gentoo Linux. This is the best for the getting experience on the Linux based OS. There is no installer but tools provided by Gentoo are great. These tools are very helpful for the installation purpose of the Gentoo OS. Then download the tools on the Linux OS and then install it onto the system.

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    Re: Install gentoo on my netbook

    Hey dude, most of the time user has to be used the compact disk for installing the Gentoo Linux operating system on the system. The USB use for installing the OS is not good. The USB drive is to be the external drive and these kind of external devices are not work sometimes for the installation purpose. We need to used the CD or DVD of the Gentoo OS for installation purpose. Then I suggest you to use the official bootable DVD instead of using the USB drive.

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