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Thread: Black screen on Sony VAIO VPCCW17FX/W

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    Black screen on Sony VAIO VPCCW17FX/W

    I am having a Sony VAIO VPCCW17FX/W laptop which was working fine but yesterday all of a sudden when I turned it on then it was only showing me a complete black screen even though the power light was on and I could hear the hard drive and fan spinning from inside. I also drained the battery completely and took it out for few minutes and connected it again and then turned on the laptop but still to no avail. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Black screen on Sony VAIO VPCCW17FX/W

    It seems to me that you are facing a no POST problem with your laptop. Did you replace your memory prior to this problem? Can you try to make sure that the memory is properly seated into the memory slots? This is the proper troubleshooting way for a no POST problem. You need to take out the battery and power before reseating or checking the RAM. If you cannot do this troubleshooting steps then it is advisable to go for a support from the Sony team.

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    Re: Black screen on Sony VAIO VPCCW17FX/W

    I was also facing this black screen problem with my other Sony Vaio model laptop. But I was able to solve it by taking out the battery and then continuously holding down the Shift and F8 keys and then pressing Start. Note that I also used the main power without the battery until the laptop booted properly and started running. After that I connected the battery to the laptop again. Hope this helps you out.

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    First of all you need to start up your laptop and immediately start tapping F10 key on your keyboard. After that it will take you to a black screen with a white writing. Here you need to press Enter. Now you will get a screen with 2 options, just hit the skip button. After that tick mark the screen and press Next. Your laptop will now start to restore to its factory settings in about 60 minutes. Just try to ensure that your laptop is plugged in.

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