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Thread: HP Pavilion Dv6 freezes on startup

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    HP Pavilion Dv6 freezes on startup

    I am using the HP Pavilion Dv6 notebook. It came with Windows 7. It is not new I bought this second hand. I had formatted the pc and installed Windows 7 back on that. The installation was fine. After that there were some new updates. This were also automatically installed. When everything was done upon reboot the system just freeze. It is very slow and takes long time to start. Sometime it stuck on the welcome screen for long time. I need a bit help to fix the issue.

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    This type of issue occur when you install too many things on the system. Sometime update also cause the issue. To fix this instantly just run system restore. If this does not help then there can be ram issue. You have to remove the ram and clean it. Then apply it back again. Also remove a few applications that are not needed. Do not just keep on installing new applications that will make your system more slower.

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    Click on Start > Run and in the box type msconfig and hit enter. In that go in Startup and click on hide all Microsoft service. From the existing list just turn of things which are not needed. This will boost up the startup. Reboot your pc and check once again. If still it is slow then boot your system in safe mode and in cmd type sfc /scannow and hit enter. This will scan your system for damage system file and fix it.

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