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Thread: Flashing bios error with HP ipaq

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    Flashing bios error with HP ipaq

    Its really great to enjoy the tetchiness of the next generation PDAs like HP Ipaq, nokia E71, HTC touch etc. are giving a delightful experience of working on the pcs at your pocket level. That gives you experience of holding world in the pockets. I am also happy to use the best PDA in the market HP ipaq hw6925. I am really happy to use this business and GPS ready phone. But while installing the bios updates I am unable to complete those. The bios update is flashing error. I am using WPA connectivity for installing those. But as the setup stays incomplete so that it doesnt allow me to use WPA after that. Kindly take my IPAQ out of it.

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    Re: Flashing bios error with HP ipaq

    Ohhh boy!! Its really sad to listen that you are unable to use the best feature of the PDA. I want to ask you that whether you are connecting your pda to hub and then updating the system by connectivity to the PC. Because most of the people make mistake b connecting the PDA to the HUB and then to the system. And while updating bios if you are doing the same procedures then you are going by wrong ways. I think either you should try using the connectivity between PDA and pc without any mediator like HUB or SWITCHES. Because the pc can get easily synchronized with the PDA, which is not possible with hub. So change the connection choice.

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    Re: Flashing bios error with HP ipaq

    Dude if you are facing such problems while installing Rom updates then I think you should try reinstalling the updates. You may need to reboot the PDA as well as PC after connection. Because sometimes the connection between PDA and PC becomes weaker. In those situations there is no other alternative to reboot the PDA and then to restart the application which you want to run. This most of the times work as the best and reliable solution. Take it as the best one for your problem as well.

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    Re: Flashing bios error with HP ipaq

    The guy above seems to be the beginner in the PDA use. I will request him not to give solutions when you have no knowledge about the problem. I dont say that your solution is wrong but the solution you provided is not usable in this problem. The solution is quite lengthy but I will give it in the simpler words and understandable format. Check it out.
    First of all connect your PDA directly to the PC and not through hub.
    Download the BIOS update from the source.
    Kindly note down the SPID which has come along the download.
    Then together press power, I task contacts and make it to settled to the default by choosing reset option.
    Your IPAQ will go in the flash mode.
    Now go to the file list in the PC.
    Stop the process called wcescomm.exe from the task manager. Choose end process.
    Now start the bios update.
    After that you will find a file called Setup_RUU.exe in your C:/ folder. Run that setup file.
    You are done with a clean and clear Bios update. Enjoy. !!!!!

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    Re: Flashing bios error with HP ipaq

    Sometimes the setup goes in wrong way just because the file you are attempting to download is faulty. In such cases you have no other option than to replace the setup file by any other setup file. A new one. You can easily find it from somewhere. Otherwise you can use the solution given above. That will be the best option to be used. Because the settings in the PC file systems can easily make changes in PDA as they are popularly termed as pocket pcs.

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