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Thread: Bluetooth on blackberry Playbook will not turn on

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    Bluetooth on blackberry Playbook will not turn on

    I recently purchased the new Blackberry Playbook and everything used to work fine. After that I updated desktop manager on my pc and after that the blackberry bridge icons went away and ever since then I cannot connect to blackberry bridge again. After that I updated the Playbook to the latest OS and now the bluetooth function will not turn on at all. If I am trying to turn it on then it will immediately turn off. Does anyone know how can I solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Bluetooth on blackberry Playbook will not turn on

    Well, have you tried to update your Blackberry Bridge software to the latest version which is available on the Blackberry App world? I think that it could be a software problem. I was also facing same problem of bluetooth when I was using 1710 version and after updating to 1868. The bridging problem went away after I updated blackberry bridge to version 83 but I wonder why this problem is happening with bluetooth since they are independent to connect any phones.

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    Re: Bluetooth on blackberry Playbook will not turn on

    I would suggest you to do a factory reset on your Blackberry Playbook device. To do that go to Settings menu by swiping downwards from the bezel above the screen or else press the cog icon at the top right hand cornet of the homescreen. After that scroll down the setting menu and click on Security. In here, are the right side, click on the Security Wipe option. After that type the word blackberry into the textbox and click Wipe Data and now the full factory reset of blackberry playbook will start.

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    I had the same problem and so i got a replacement for my Blackberry Playbook and I can see there is a huge difference between the old one that I was having and this new one. I installed all the updates and there was no problem at all, it can connect to the WPA2 secured networks within a fraction of second and the bluetooth also turns off and on without any problems. Also the bridge and wifi connections are stable. So, it seems that there is a hardware problem in some devices and therefore you have to exchange it immediately.

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