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Thread: How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

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    How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

    Hey guys, I recently purchased Motorola Xoom tablet PC which is running Android Honeycomb 3.0 in it. I am a newbie to this amazing tablet PC and have some queries related to it. I wanted to know whether there was any method by which I can sync the outlook inbox to the Motorola Xoom either by using USB or any other Third party software or app. If anybody with any suggestion regarding my query then please feel free to share it with me and to reply to this post of mine. Your suggestions and help will always be appreciated.

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    Re: How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

    What you can do is input some settings in your email app for your every email accounts on the Motorola Xoom. You should also check the settings in your Outlook just in case to make sure that you have not set the setting to remove the inbox messages from server at the very moment they arrive as you might want to get those inbox mails to any other devices like your Motorola Xoom. It this situation the easiest and the simplest solution will be to set your Outlook to keep inbox messages on the server for a specific time and then let the things to work naturally as it should.

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    Re: How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

    According to me you must be looking for something like pulling off the emails from the sever and then setting them up as you wish to and want to get your old emails onto your Motorola Xoom. But sorry to say that you won’t be able to get those old emails on your Motorola Xoom without disabling the setting of pulling the emails from the server and then changing it to some day of your choice and then sending the mails which you wish to yourself. You can make use of programs like activesync (PC) or Missing Sync (Android) to perform your desired actions.

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    Re: How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

    I am not sure but you can use this solution to set up your current version of outlook to sync with your gmail account. You can do this with the help of imap. Create a folder in your gmail account and then just drag a copy of your email into the folder from the outlook. Visit the following liknk to configure IMAP on Gmail. This process might take some time as it is completely manual. Also the process might take long time if you are having lots of emails in your account.

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    Re: How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

    It is very easy to transfer Outlook emails to your Gmail account. You need to follow the below few steps:
    • Enable IMAP in your Gmail account and then configure your Outlook to sync it with your Gmail account with the help of IMAP
    • Create a folder and import your Outlook PST file into that folder.
    • Navigate to the following path to import the mails.
    • File -> Import And Export -> Import from another program or file. -> Next -> Personal Folder File (.pst) -> Next.
    • Choose the file which contains the email, and pick the folders that you wish to import in the Outlook. Finally click on Finish button.
    • Select the folder which you wish to copy in your Gmail Folder in Outlook.
    • Right-click the folder you wish to copy and click on Copy Folder name option.
    • Now, click the Gmail Folder in Outlook to copy that folder in your desired location.

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    Re: How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

    You can also Sync your Motorola Xoom with Outlook via google. Follow the below steps to do so:
    • On your computer, start Microsoft Outlook
    • Navigate to: File > Options > Advanced > Export > Export to a file > Next.
    • Select "Comma Separated Values" (CVS) as the file format type.
    • Identify the contact folder and then click on Next button and then on Finish. Now, copy the CSV file to your Motorola Xoom tablet.
    • On your Motorola Xoom tablet, log in your Google account.
    • Select Gmail > Conacts and import the CSV file to transfer contacts.

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    Re: How to sync outlook inbox with Motorola Xoom tablet PC

    There are many softwares/applications (apps) are available in the markete which are capable of performing sync between the Outlook and the Motorola Xoom tablet PC. I searched for them and finally I got one such software which meets up your requirement of syncing the Outlook inbox with the Motorola Xoom. It is called as MyLink. You can search for the same on Internet and download it from its official website of syncdroid. It is a third party software so nobody will give any guarantee about the product. You should use it in your own risk.

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